Meet the Owners

Buckets for Benefit was created by Christopher and Natalie after extensive research in dealing with the laundry detergent industry over many  years.  They both felt compelled to provide quality products to organizations that are useful and affordable!  Not only do they stand by their products, they use them daily!!  

Christopher works for the railway industry traveling nationwide which allows him the opportunity to personally meet the organizations hosting fundraisers with Buckets For Benefit.  Christopher enjoys interacting with these organizations providing support and fundraising tips to ensure success for his customers. 

Natalie is a former kindergarten teacher.  She began her research in fundraising after many years of helping her school raise money to provide items to students in need. Natalie enjoys interacting with all types of organizations by providing the best customer service available. Got a question? Natalie will be quick to answer you! She strives to make sure each organization has the tools needed for success during a Buckets For Benefit fundraiser.  

Buckets for Benefit is a licensed, registered and insured company Operated by Organic Creations LLC