Fizzy Bath Bombs

Want a unique fundraising product to help your organization, team, school or church make more profit? Now introducing our collection of fizzy bath bombs now added to our products offered while hosting a laundry detergent fundraiser!  All of our fizzy bath bombs are made with high-quality ingredients that are guaranteed to last for the duration of a soothing bath.  We guarantee 100% freshness and cruelty free testing on all bath bombs.  

Fizzy Bath Bombs Scents

10 assorted bath bombs per order
Oatmeal & Honey

Cool Fresh Aloe


Tye Dye

Gold & Glitter

Monkey Farts

Black Velvet


Pink Sugar

Pina Colada

Tiare Flowers

Sweat Pea

Lavender Mint 

Moonlight Rose

Watermelon Glitter

All bath bombs come assorted and are approximately 5oz each (size of a tennis ball). 

-Davy, age 9

"I liked the white and red on the inside.  It smelled super good. It fizzed the whole time, even when it was tiny and floated the whole time". 

-Laila, age 9

"The bath bombs are very soothing.  They are colorful and joyful and are definitely better than bubble bath.  If I had to rate them from 1 out of 10, I would rate them a 10 and everyone who sees them should buy them".

-Auroa, age 15

"I highly recommend using Buckets for Benefit's bath bombs.  The quality was much better than those popular stores like Ulta or Bath & Body Works. The scent is strong and coloration in the bath water is very vivid.  The prices are much more affordable and worth the while than the prices of ones from name brand companies".