Fundraising Tips 


Fundraising is the number one way to help your organization raise money.  However, sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Let us help you get the most out of your fundraising experience by giving some easy steps to follow.  


Set a goal that is obtainable for each seller.  Being able to visualize how many items the seller needs to sell will help reduce stress and give something to work towards. 

Advertising on social media, posting copies of your flyer, texting family members and friends are just some of the ways to get the word out about your product.  In some instances, going door-to-door can reach those people that are not on social media.  

Remember, incentives are available! Cash prizes are given to the top 3 sellers (restrictions may apply, please ask for details).  This is a great motivator! 

Know the product.  Be able to answer questions regarding any products such as amount, uses, etc.  People love to know what they are getting up front.  

Have a secure way to store the money collected from buyers.  An envelope is usually the best option.  Getting payment at the time of purchase is always a good idea. 

Stay in contact with your buyers. Communicating about products, delivery, etc. is key to establishing a good repport with the community.  This always attracts repeat business in the future. 

Have fun! Fundraising should be an exciting experience.  Helping your organization achieve a goal, whether its getting new uniforms or going on a trip, can be very rewarding!