High School Fundraising Ideas

Athletic Teams

The life of a high school athlete can be very involved and  expensive.  School Fundraising can help ease the burden of costly uniforms, equipment, trips, banquets and more.  Try our fundraiser today and receive high end profit to help families cut cost significantly!

Cheer Squads

Cheerleading is an exciting yet expensive sport! Most competitions can leave parents struggling to pay the associated costs.   Let us help slash costs for competitions, uniforms, pep rallies, etc by providing useful products that are guaranteed to yield high end profit.   

Marching Band

Marching Band is a staple in high schools across the United States. A large percentage of students carry the burden of having to pay for expensive instruments, uniforms, etc.  We work closely with booster clubs in an effort to offset cost to students. 


High School students gravitate towards  electronic devices and use them often for school work.  Teachers, administrators and students are now using technology as a way of learning.  By hosting a school fundraiser with us, schools can reduce the cost to their budget by fundraising.  We help schools nationwide improve technology for students. 

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