Are All Buckets Created Equal?

Laundry detergent is a common household item used to clean clothing. When the active chemical ingredients are mixed with water molecules it reduces the amount of surface tension in water. This combination makes it easy for grime, dirt, stains, grease, etc. to release from clothing. If a detergent has less active ingredient, it is not as effective as detergents with higher active ingredient.

Buckets for Benefit measured the active ingredient in 5-gallon buckets from different companies using a refractometer; an instrument used to measure the concentration (active ingredient). According to our extensive research, some of these low-cost buckets only contain 9-11% active ingredient.

All of our detergents are and always will be 18% or more active ingredient. Quality and customer satisfaction is important to us which is why our products are privately manufactured in the United States in order to meet our standards. Our premium detergents are truly equivalent to those leading retail brands.

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