Inflation: A Solution That Works

If you are living in the United States it is no secret that inflation is the highest it has been in decades. Rising costs of everyday household items can leave your friends and family in a hard situation. Most Americans could be spending up to 50% more on necessities each month! We may not know what the future holds but one this is for certain, you can help by hosting a laundry detergent fundraiser! Buckets for Benefit's fundraisers provide products that WILL save your friends, family and co-workers money.

Benefits of Hosting a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser:

  • Provide useful products used in every household, daily

  • Cost savings up to 61% compared to leading retail brands

  • High profit margins up to 28%

  • No upfront cost to start

  • Hassle-free online registration

  • Free shipping available

We help hundreds of organizations including church groups, sports teams, cheer squads, non-profits, schools, PTO groups, booster clubs and more. Let us help your organization too!

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