Get Your Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Campaign Out There

One of the greatest challenges of putting together your laundry detergent fundraiser is getting people to listen to your message. Since you’re likely working with a limited amount of time, there’s an increased pressure of squeezing every last drop of effect from your campaigns. Before proceeding, the goals of your laundry detergent fundraising program should be clearly defined. Then, you should make sure that everyone involved in your campaign understands these goals. If you did all that, delegating the tasks that lie ahead should not pose too hard of a challenge.

Once you’re ready, the marketing part can begin. Then all of a sudden, you’re overwhelmed with options, but have limited time or resources to cover them all. So what should you be focusing on? That lies on you. But to help steer you in the right direction, we’ve gathered what we consider to be 3 creative approaches to laundry detergent fundraising:

1. Facebook

Getting creative when fundraising laundry detergent is easier said than done. But since we live in a digital world, why not take advantage of all the options it unlocks for us? In the digital sphere, Facebook is a great tool to be utilized in your marketing campaigns. This is where your prospects will gather (a good chunk of them anyway). By creating a Facebook page, you could post the kind of content that your audience will find interesting. If you want to take things to the next level, it’s important to also drive additional traffic to them, which is a piece of cake if you’re using Facebook ads. Given how accurately you can specify your desired target audience by segmenting it down to interests, age, gender, hobbies, level of education and more, you’ll be positioning yourself to get the most targeted traffic on the cheap.

2. Media

As we all know, the media loves a good story, and school laundry detergent fundraising fits the bill perfectly. The important point to remember here is to go as wide as possible – after all, this doesn’t cost you anything extra. Think radio stations, newspapers, television shows, broadcasts, etc. The more interesting your story, the greater the chances of them picking it up. In it, do remember to disclose why what you’re doing is so important and clearly illustrate the value of your efforts.

3. Public locations

When it comes to the organization of laundry detergent fundraising, be sure to scout out all the public locations in your local area. Nursing homes, restaurants, dorms, apartment complexes, and universities are all befitting for this. The more eyes you get to see your promotional materials, the better. If they contain some eye-catching elements like stunning graphics or vibrant colors, even better. For those who don’t know (or want to) whip up something themselves, there’s always the option of outsourcing the work to a third party. But make sure that the fliers or posters contain the most essential information about the product you’re promoting.


And there we have it! Pick one of these laundry detergent fundraiser marketing methods, get comfortable with it, and get people’s eyes and ears where you want them to be. Once you master it, move on to another; with each step you take, you’ll be closer to reaching your goals.

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