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Buckets for Benefit is a teacher-owned company that helps children-centered organizations such as schools, PTAs, churches, sport and cheer teams by supplying laundry detergent products in bulk packaging through an effective fundraising program. We offer a unique fundraising opportunity with products used in the home daily that are easy to sell and provide cost savings compared to leading retail brands.

Looking for an Easy & Profitable Fundraiser?

☑️ Useful, household items such as laundry detergent, fabric softener and MORE!

☑️ HIGH PROFIT for schools, churches, PTAs and other organizations.

☑️ Cost savings with equivalent quality to leading retail brands. 


It's Easy To Get Started

Step 1

Learn how our program operates: pricing, profit and shipping.

Step 2

Register your organization for a laundry detergent fundraiser.

Step 3

We customize and print order forms or send a free digital order form file.

Kids Raise More Then You May Think

☑️ Raise HUGE funds for your organization. 

☑️ Consumable products used DAILY.

☑️ Thousands of satisfied customers in over 30 states and growing! 

☑️ Organization's customer base grows year to year. 




Helped Fundraise

$2,000 -



Profit Potential


Product Savings Compared To Leading Retail Brands


We provide premium laundry detergents, fabric softener, dish soap, laundry/dish pods and other luxury bath items. Our products supply considerable cost savings while eliminating multiple trips to the store by buying in bulk. 

Clean Up For Your Organization

Organizations Who Benefit From Fundraising

Organizations fundraising with Buckets for Benefit can achieve their goals no matter how big or small the team may be.  We help hundreds of different types of organizations host a laundry detergent fundraiser each year.  This is why Buckets for Benefit  is one of the most successful school fundraising programs. 



Buckets for Benefit sets the standard in laundry detergent fundraising as market leaders. We provide a unique fundraising experience through effective communication with Natalie and Christopher, the owners, and not a third party representative.  We will do what it takes to earn your business and make your fundraiser successful.  Repeat business IS our business. We strive for 100% accuracy, 100% of the time! 

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