We provide premium liquid 5 gallon laundry detergents, fabric softener, dish soap, pods, shampoo, conditioner and body washes during our laundry detergent fundraisers. We have a variety of different scents that are equivalent to those you buy from leading retailers. Our products are the best fundraising products in the business!

Premium Liquid Laundry Detergents (available in 5 gallon buckets)

  • Original Scent (equivalent to Tide Original Scent)

  • Calm and Clear (equivalent to Tide Free and Gentle)

  • Original Breeze Scent (equivalent to Tide plus Febreze)

  • Spring Dew Scent (equivalent to Tide plus a Touch of Downy)

  • Original with Bleach Alternative (equivalent to Tide Bleach Alternative)

  • Green Original Scent (equivalent to Gain Original Scent)

  • Green Mango Passion Scent (equivalent to Gain Apple Mango Tango Scent)


 All detergents are HE formula and work in all machines.

5 gallon laundry detergent
5 gallon fabric softener

Premium Liquid Fabric Softeners (available in 5 gallon buckets)

  • Spring Dew Fabric Softener (equivalent to Downy April Fresh)

  • Green Island Tropics Fabric Softener (equivalent to Gain Island Fresh)

Dish Soap (available in 5 gallons and 1 gallon)

  • Sparkly Dish Soap (blue) (equivalent to Dawn Dish Soap)

FREE PUMP with each 5-gal bucket!



  • Original Scent PODS (equivalent to Tide Pods)

  • Calm and Clear PODS (equivalent to Tide Free and Gentle Pods)

  • Dishwasher PODS (equivalent to Cascade)

*NEW* Bulk Original Scent Laundry Pods (500 count)

Dryer Sheets (3 boxes of 80 count) 

  • Green Island Tropics (equivalent to Gain Island Fresh)

  • Outdoor Breeze (equivalent to Bounce Outdoor Fresh)


Hair and Body (available in 1 gallon)

  • Salon Style Shampoo (equivalent to Pantene)

  • Salon Style Conditioner (equivalent to Pantene)

  • Men's Body Washes 

  • Women's Body Washes 

Fizzy Bath Bombs (Approximately 5oz each)  

  • Assorted Scents (10 count) Click here to view scents.


All buckets are manufacturer sealed and include a long stem pail pump.  Actual products and packaging shown may vary.

 Bath Bundle Bucket 

All of your favorite bath items in ONE convenient 2-gallon bucket.  This product includes:

  • 1-8oz Body Glaze Lotion (assorted scents)

  • 1-8oz Body Polish Sugar Scrub (assorted scents)

  • 4 Fizzy Bath Bombs (assorted scents)

  • 2 exfoliating loofah soaps (assorted scents)

For more information about the Bath Bundle Bucket, click HERE.


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