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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

View the Fundraiser Information and Sign up page. There you will find information including a program overview, guidelines, shipping information and more! Once you are ready, click the register button to sign up!

Elementary School Fundraising

Classroom Items:
Teachers needs materials that are often not covered in a school's budget. Buckets for Benefit laundry detergent fundraising can help teachers off set out-of-pocket costs for classroom materials.

Playground Equipment:
Updating and maintaining a safe playground environment is essential for elementary schools. However, equipment is very costly and can be hard to acquire with a tight budget. We are here to help you! Our school fundraising company can aide in raising funds to purchase the best equipment for your students.

Technology Updates:
Students need updated technology to enhance learning. Technology such as iPads, Cromebooks, Smartboards, computers, etc. are very expensive and can drain funds quickly. Let us help you acquire the technology you need for successful learning environments.

PTO Funding:
Parent Teacher Organizations support schools by helping teachers and students in the classroom. PTO's help raise funds for schools so that students have all the advantages during their school years. We work closely with many parent teacher organizations so that they may help administrators, teachers and students raise money during a school fundraiser.

Middle School Fundraising

Club Funding:
Middle School students often join clubs and organization that help boost academic success. Funding for such organization can be scarce. By hosting a school fundraiser, students can attend meetings, competitions, fairs, etc. without worrying about cost.

Technology plays a key role in education of middle schoolers today. Unfortunately, heavy cost is involved in trying an effort to keep devices up-to-date with the latest software. We can help provide opportunity for such students to maintain devices, purchase software, apps and any other technology related service by offering products sold at an affordable price.

Band is popular among middle schoolers alike. Expense for instruments, uniforms, competitions, out-of-city travel, etc. will be easy to obtain with sufficient funds. Our school fundraising company will provide an easy and convenient way to help your school band keep marching!

Physical Education (PE):
Most Physical Education classes hardly have enough equipment for each student to use during a class period. By hosting a school fundraiser, your PE class can gain funds to purchase needed items such as jump ropes, mats, weights, hula hoops, etc.

High School Fundraising

Athletic Teams:
The life of a high school athlete can be very involved and expensive. School Fundraising can help ease the burden of costly uniforms, equipment, trips, banquets and more. Try our fundraiser today and receive high end profit to help families cut cost significantly!

Cheer Squads:
Cheerleading is an exciting yet expensive sport! Most competitions can leave parents struggling to pay the associated costs. Let us help slash costs for competitions, uniforms, pep rallies, etc by providing useful products that are guaranteed to yield high end profit.

Marching Band:
Marching Band is a staple in high schools across the United States. A large percentage of students carry the burden of having to pay for expensive instruments, uniforms, etc. We work closely with booster clubs in an effort to offset cost to students.

High School students gravitate towards electronic devices and use them often for school work. Teachers, administrators and students are now using technology as a way of learning. By hosting a school fundraiser with us, schools can reduce the cost to their budget by fundraising. We help schools nationwide improve technology for students.

Can we help your school?

Schools are often underfunded and require fundraising to help off set costs for equipment, technology, etc. We understand how difficult it may be to come up with ideas to get that your students need. That is why we are proud to help all types of schools including public, private, day cares, preschools, Montessori, specialized, colleges, and MORE.

Dance and Cheer Teams

Whether big or small, we can help your dance team raise funds needed to help pay the cost associated with equipment, outfits, accessories, out-of-town trip expenses, and much more.

Baseball and Softball Teams

Hit a home run by hosting a laundry detergent fundraiser for your baseball or softball team. We are here year round to help your team succeed. Money spend on traveling teams, lessons, baseball/softball uniforms, balls, bats, shoes, etc can add up!

Basketball Teams

Basketball is very popular among all ages. Help your team raise money for various items such as uniforms, basketballs, shoes, accessories, traveling expenses, etc. Teams who team up with Buckets for Benefit always win!

Booster Clubs

We team up with multiple booster clubs to help raise funds for their teams. Some of the types of booster clubs we have/are helping include, cheer, football, baseball, softball, band, dance and many more.

Swim Teams

Host a laundry detergent fundraiser to earn money for swim gear, meets, pool-related expensive and more. We are here to help!

Fundraiser Information 
& Registration

Buckets for Benefit's laundry detergent Fundraising Program is committed to making the fundraising process easier for you! Below you will find every bit of information you need to begin your fundraiser.

Fundraiser Overview

The overview includes an outline of product description, photos, pricing and how our program works.

Program Guidelines

The program guidelines are a description of how our program operates in depth. Most questions can be answered in this document.

Shipping Information

Free shipping available to all lower 48 states.  Contact us for more information. Some restrictions may apply.

Check Out Our Samples

Sample Flyer/Order Form for visual purpose ONLY.  They do not reflect updated pricing/product information.​

*Before registering for a fundraiser please make sure to read all current and updated information as it is subject to change.

Want to add a professional touch to boost sales and profit? We offer professionally printed, custom order forms on a cardstock-type paper.  Ask for details! 

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