Organizations fundraising with Buckets for Benefit can achieve their goals no matter how big or small the team may be.  We help hundreds of different types of organizations host a laundry detergent fundraiser each year.  This is why Buckets for Benefit  is one of the most successful school fundraising programs.  Let us help your organization fundraise with the best fundraiser in the United States!! Contact us today to receive information on how you can get started with the latest and greatest in fundraising. 

Can we help you? 

Schools are often underfunded and require fundraising to help off set costs for equipment, technology, etc. We understand how difficult it may be to come up with ideas to get that your students need.  That is why we are proud to help all types of schools including public, private, day cares, preschools, Montessori, specialized, colleges, and MORE.  

Dance Teams

Whether big or small, we can help your dance team raise funds needed to help pay the cost associated with equipment, outfits, accessories, out-of-town trip expenses, and much more.  

Baseball/Softball Teams

Hit a home run by hosting a laundry detergent fundraiser for your baseball or softball team.  We are here year round to help your team succeed.  Money spend on traveling teams, lessons, baseball/softball uniforms, balls, bats, shoes, etc can add up! 

Basketball Teams

Basketball is very popular among all ages.  Help your team raise money for various items such as uniforms, basketballs, shoes, accessories, traveling expenses, etc.  Teams who team up with Buckets for Benefit always win! 

Booster Clubs 

We team up with multiple booster clubs to help raise funds for their teams.  Some of the types of booster clubs we have/are helping include, cheer, football, baseball, softball, band, dance and many more.  

Swim Teams

Host a laundry detergent fundraiser to earn money for swim gear, meets, pool-related expensives and more. We are here to help! 

We also help many other types of organizations! Contact us to start your laundry detergent fundraiser today!