Four Smart School Fundraising Ideas

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

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Four Smart School Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to your school fundraising, it can be tough when figuring the most excellent ways to make your supporter excited. After all, your supporters are made up of a various mix of teachers, parents, students, and community leaders. This is plenty of voices to listen to.

Thankfully, our article has highlighted a list of smart school fundraising programs that your entire community will love. To learn more about these ideas, kindly scroll down and keep reading.

1. Foster Matching Gifts to the Community

There is a way to double the impact of your school’s supporters with having to ask them to give the second time; you can even triple this.

Matching gifts program is a kind of corporate giving program. Here, a business owner agrees to match their workers’ charitable donations. This program will benefit your supporters, their companies, and your school.

2. Fundraise On-site During School Events

A very classy school fundraising is to take donations during fundraising events like dances, field days, and sports games. However, your school can increase fundraising at these events even more, with an on-site giving stand.

An on-site giving stand is similar to your online giving form, but here, it allows people to pay personally at your fundraising events instead of paying online.

With a physical (on-site) giving stand, your school can do the following.

  • Set up recurring gifts during the donation time

  • Customize your interface in similarity with the identity of your school

  • Swiftly swap cards for quick giving.

  • Register participants at events

  • Serve as a POS for merchandise fundraising.

3. Promote an Online Auction

An online auction is one school fundraising idea that is certain to raise plenty of money. Like the traditional auctions, attendees can look through items, bid them, increase their bids, outbid other people, and get the desired item at the end. The only difference between the traditional one and the online auction is that the latter occurs online and replies on a virtual auction platform.

To successfully ace an online auction, be sure to:

  • Have a registration form dedicated for online auction

  • Advertise the fundraising event way beforehand. You can do this via email, your website, or other advertising materials.

  • Collect the items you intend to auction out

  • Provide a mobile bidding app to your participants

4. Sell Online Events Tickets

With the trend of online and virtual events, you want to think of the kinds of experiences that your school can host. After that, sell tickets of the online event you’ve considered; do this as a channel to raise money.

For example, many schools have successfully planned the following virtual events.

  • Virtual cooking class

  • Online talent show

  • Online concert

  • And more

To make these online events come to light, you will need some online tools. For example, will you require a video conferencing platform? A live streaming tool? What tools will your attendees require? You want to answer these questions beforehand.

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