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Laundry Detergent Fundraising Product Distribution: The Easy Way

Updated: Jun 17

product distribution

Your organization has turned in the order for your laundry detergent fundraiser which means you are gearing up for delivery. Here are some helpful tips for a smooth delivery with Buckets for Benefit.

  1. Location: Pick a location that can accommodate a pick-up truck and trailer, box truck or semi if needed. We recommend a business location with a forklift and pallet jack. Residential deliveries are available but could require an extra fee due to limited access.

  2. Volunteers: Make sure to have volunteers to help unload the order. Most deliveries are off-laoded by hand and require help from the organization. If an order is delivered via a semi, it will be on pallets and we will let you know ahead ot time what to expect.

  3. Be Prepared: Have your Final Total Spreadsheet and product labels printed so that it can be easily compared to the packing slip from the driver. We recommend having the product labels put up before the delivery arrives. This makes it easier for your volunteers to know how to sort products during the unload.

  4. Unloading: While our products are a significant cost savings, they weight a lot! Make sure that your volunteers know ahead of time what to expect. Also, make sure you allot enough time for unloading before customers pick up orders.

  5. Distribution: Once the delivery is done, it's time to distribute! We recommend double checking your seller's orders before they leave the location which will alleviate any mistakes.

Need more products for your laundry detergent fundraiser? We got your covered! If additional products that were not purchased within the fundraiser are needed, we can set up an invoice for those and get them ready (stipulations apply). Please each out at for more information.

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