Bucket for Benefit's laundry detergent fundraising program makes it easier for schools to reach their goals with our unique fundraising idea.  It is designed so that you can get a personalized touch in a short amount of time. We offer customized order forms for FREE to your school including logos, school colors, contact information, etc.  We will guide you through each step of the way offering tips, guidance and any information you may need to be successful with your school fundraiser.  Follow these simple steps so that you will know exactly what to expect when beginning a laundry detergent fundraiser. 

Contact Us 

We make it easier for you to get all your information from one place. View the Fundraiser Information Packet web page to begin your fundraising journey.  It contains a printable overview of pricing/information, program guidelines and a link to register for a laundry detergent fundraiser.  Click here to to view the information packet.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Register for a fundraiser

Once you have read over all the information from the overview and program guidelines, use the link at the top of each page to register for a school fundraiser. A follow up email will be sent confirming that we received your information.  Next, We will begin to customize your order form for FREE.  The order form will be emailed to the contact person for your school.  You may print and begin selling at your convenience.  If you would like professionally printed forms, those are available for an additional cost.

Print Your Order Form

Order forms can make or break a  school fundraiser.  That is why we personally customize each form so that your school fundraiser will be successful.  Once we finish personalizing your form, it will be emailed to the contact person for your school.  If everything looks great, you may print and begin to sell! However, we understand that mistakes can be made so if something needs to be changed, we are willing to fix it for you.

Want a professional touch? We will print and mail your forms to you! These are very inexpensive and are FREE if your school achieves free shipping. 

Complete Your Order 

After completing your school fundraiser, an easy-entry spreadsheet will be emailed to the contact person for your school.  This spreadsheet makes it simple to keep up with totals, profit, order amount and more.  Having all of your information in one document makes it easier for your school to place an accurate order with us.  Order accuracy is very important so please make sure to double check your order before sending your easy-entry spreadsheet.  If you do not receive an email with a spreadsheet, simply reach out to us and we will send it to you.  Make sure to check your junk mail if you stop receiving emails from us.


We will use your easy-entry spreadsheet sent via email to create a final invoice. This will reflect product cost, tax (if applicable) and shipping (if applicable).  The invoice must be paid before products will be shipped.  Once your payment has completely processed, a projected delivery date will be issued.  Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping and delivery.  


We pride ourselves on how easy our delivery process is for the organization.  When your order arrives, please make sure to have a few volunteers help with the unload.  Most orders take less than 45 minutes to unload. A representative will help inventory your entire order to make sure all products are there and accounted for.  

By working together, we can ensure that your school fundraiser is a success and will gain repeat business each year!